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Introducing, ANTILipas Natural Cockroach Repellent Gel

Are you disgusted by the sight of those creepy crawly cockies having a good time in your kitchen as and when the lights are switched off?   Not only it is an unpleasant sight, cockroaches are dirty bugs and are known to carry diseases like dysentery, typhoid and poliomyelitis, as well as gastroenteritis.

Cockroaches are present in areas where they could "smell"  food, and that explains why they are commonly found in kitchens.  Whilst there are chemical solution to get rid of them, there are also safety concerns using these conventional chemical based products on cockroach, particularly in kitchens for fear of contamination on food and utensils. This is where a natural repellent would play the role in effective cockroach control.

No More Worries of Chemical Contamination  

ANTILipas Cockroach Repellent Gel is the next successful product of Antimos Technology Sdn Bhd, a corporation in Malaysia.    Based on Chinese herbalogy studies in , this revolutionary and patented formula is natural, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly and is safe for use everywhere, at kichen, bedrooms, bathrooms, in fact anywhere in the house.

ANTILipas Cockroach Repellent Gel has undergone test by the Bio-hereditary Science Unit of Universiti Sains Malaysia, a leading research university in vector control and it is proven to be 100% effective (within 100 square feet of where a tub is placed)


ANTILipas Cockroach Repellent


What is in the ANTILipas tub?

Whilst Citronella is well known for its mosquitoes repellent properties, Clove Oil is proven to be effective against cockroaches.  Clove oil, when combined with three other natural ingredients namely Pine Oil, Garlic Oil and Comphor blended using a proprietary and patented formula,  stabalizes and strengthens its cockroach repellent properties.

How does ANTILipas Cockroach Repellent Gel work?

Cockroaches enter our homes because it is a great place to find food.  The traditional advice  is to keep food in sealed containers, keep trash in a can, etc.  In other words, keep your kitchen and rooms clean.  

Whilst that is a sensible advice, experience tell us that it doesn't work all the time and a slightest food crump unintentionally left in the kitchen is sufficient to attract those roaches.

ANTILipas works the same way as ANTIMOS-301.  Like mosquitoes, cockroaches possess a number of sophisticated physiological tools that assist it in tracking down food.   The antennae give the roach an extra sense of smell to find feeds.  The mouth of a roach is quite remarkable, as it can taste and smell as well!

The ANTILipas cockroach repellent gel, works by way of blocking the host-odor receptor (nose) of the cockroach olfactory system and therefore effectively block their ability of tracking food.   Once their search is futile, there is no incentive of remaining there.  They will go elsewhere instead, to look for food.  Overtime, there will be less and less cockroaches visiting the areas where they can't detect food.

The following experiment provides an insightful experience on the effectiveness of ANTILipas.


Awards & Credentials

For the invention, Antimos Technology has received 11 awards in Malaysia and internationally since its inception. Amongst awards received are International Invention Awards 1998 Geneva, 1998 London, 1998 Malaysia and 1999 China.

antimos awards

It is so easy and convenient to use

Each ANTILipas Cockroach Repellant Gel weighs 20g and provides you and your family with protection against cockroaches up to 600 hours of continuous usage within indoors under normal room temperature.  

1. Open the cover. The pleasant citrus scent from within the container will start to evaporate and
    provides you the needed protection.

natural cockroach repellent 

 natural cockroach repellent







2. Just place the tub within an area to help repel those crawly roaches effectively. One unit provides
    effective cover for 100 square feet (approximately 10 square meter). Place the tub in any corner of a
    room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Natural Mosquito Repellent Living Room

Natural Mosquito Repellent Bedroom






3. Close cover when not in use. This is to stop the gel from evaporating and prevent wastage.


Go natural. Control those roaches the natural and safe way.

Have peace of mind with ANTILipas Cockroach Repellent gel.  Control the present of those creepy crawlies with a 100% natural remedy.   You would not need to use chemical based cockroach repellents again and your food and kitchen utensils are safe from risk of chemical contamination.

ANTILipas Cockroach Repellent Gel is

All natural, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly

Safe for everyone including babies and young children

Effective and Consistent protection

No messy, oily or sticky stuffs on your skin

Convenient. Just place it anywhere desirable
Chemical free
No electricity, No spray devise, No batteries, No burning required

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"Now I can ensure my baby is well protected from mosquito bites all the time, without the concern of toxin from conventional sprays"

- Faith , Malaysia -

"I was looking for a 100% Natural mosquito repellent, one to use in the ROOM instead of on the body. I am glad to have found it"

- Sophie, Singapore -

"I actually also spray 'adult' repellent on stuff that's around my children, e.g. I spray on around the cot or on my son's clothes, making sure not to get any on them"

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